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Corvallis High School - Voted Best High School by US News 2017

Classroom Without Walls

Corvallis High School - Classroom Without Walls

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Classroom Without Walls

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  • Over the course of my four years at Corvallis High School, I have experienced nothing less than a world-class education ripe with opportunities, some of which have allowed me to travel across the country representing CHS. Corvallis is a place that rewards perseverance and hard work, and its teachers and staff devote countless hours to ensuring the success of all students. I am so thankful for my time spent as a student at this wonderful school.
    Michael McKay, 12th Grade Student
  • Corvallis is a great school. I state that with good reason. I taught in Germantown Central School in New York State for many years before I retired and moved to the Bitterroot Valley. The school I taught in was considered the best school in a large geographic area. The professionals who regularly visited our school attested to this repeatedly. I would often hear things like "You have no idea what you have here." We repeatedly scored ahead of the other schools in the area in English and Math. It was not just the academic success - but the whole culture of the school: respect, cooperation, and caring. This is my third year working here at Corvallis. I have come to the conclusion that Corvallis is very much like the school I came from. This is a great school. The teachers are competent and caring. The people are friendly. There is much respect and cooperation. It's a wonderful place for a retired teacher to work.
    Mr. B, High School para-profesional
  • Having taught in the Corvallis School District since 1994, I have seen many changes. From block scheduling, technology, innovative teaching strategies, building projects and the CCEC, Corvallis has always strived to be on the cutting edge of education and doing what is needed for the education of students. What a great place to work!
    Lynn Mason, HS Social Studies Teacher
  • Every day I come to school excited for the day ahead. I work with colleagues that are optimistic and professional and for an administration that is supportive and encouraging. I get to see students become confidant public speakers, find appreciation for literature, and discover their potential. It is an honor to be part of Corvallis school district.
    Doug McConnaha, HS English Teacher