Chivalry is NOT Dead!  / Freshmen Chivalry Project

Chivalry is a major theme found in the Arthurian Legend and every student in the freshman class is responsible for reading one of two books assigned surrounding this legend. In order for them to truly understand this theme they are given the opportunity to be knighted and practice chivalry in their everyday lives. Therefore, students choose which chivalric tasks they want to accomplish and perform those duties spontaneously over the course of the next few weeks. Chivalric tasks may include opening the door for others; pulling out chairs to seat someone comfortably; help another person carry a burdensome load, etc. They are able to not only read and analyze why and when chivalry came about, but actually practice and live out this sometimes forgotten cultural courtesy. Hopefully, they will take what they learn from this assignment and demonstrate chivalry long after they graduate high school.

In the picture above students are being knighted and accepting their doctrines of chivalry in which they will carry out their quests to fulfill their knighthood demonstrating kindness and respect to their friends, family, peers, and community.

  • School: High School
  • Date: September 2013