CHS Recycling Program / "Doing Our Part"

The Corvallis High School Recycling program has been run by the ecology class for several years. CHS has been recycling plastics #1 and #2, office paper, newspaper, and aluminum. This year, they are pleased to have the opportunity for a valuable and effective expansion! In the past the recyclables were hand gathered, classroom by classroom, brought back to Mrs. Dickerson’s storage room, and hand sorted. Then all the recyclables were loaded in the back of a pick-up and delivered on Saturday mornings to the Ravalli Recycling center- A lot of dirty work, but for a worthy cause.

Now, however, we are excited about an easier, more efficient approach that has been made available to the ecology recyclers by the assistance of the Corvallis maintenance department and the Ravalli County Recycling center. There are now carts for pick up, new 90 gallon recycling bins for clean storage, and pick-up and delivery of the bins from and back to the high school. There is also paper recycling in the primary and middle schools, as well as tin can recycling in the kitchen. Keep up the good work Corvallis School District!

  • School: High School
  • Date: January 2014