High School Faculty


Cammie Knapp Principal cammiek@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Tyson Tucker Asst. Principal tysont@corvallis.k12.mt.us

HS Office Staff

Rhonda Johnson Administrative Assistant rhondaj@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Laura Fison Administrative Assistant lauraf@corvallis.k12.mt.us

Counseling and Academic Advisement

Name/Website Subject Contact
Jennifer Gaston-Smith Counselor jennifergs@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Alexis Holland Counselor alexish@corvallis.k12.mt.us


Name/Website Subject Contact
Spencer Huls English spencerh@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Doug McConnaha English, Fiction Lit, Journalism, & Speech dougm@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Rob Plakke English robp@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Suzy Pliley English suzyp@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Brittany Parson English brittanyp@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Art Rzasa nglish artr@corvallis.k12.mt.us

Fine Arts

Name/Website Subject Contact
Christian Ackerman Media christiana@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Emily Athman Orchestra emilya@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Ruth Reneau HS/MS Choir ruthr@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Kevin Silkwood Art kevins@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Willi Prince HS Band willip@corvallis.k12.mt.us

World Language

Name/Website Subject Contact
Mary Herbert Spanish maryh@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Andree Francoeur French andreef@corvallis.k12.mt.us

Health and Physical Education

Name/Website Subject Contact
Deana Burch P.E. & Health deanab@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Clayton Curley Weights & Life Sports claytonc@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Jeff Nagel Weights & P.E. jeffn@corvallis.k12.mt.us

Library & Media

Name/Website Subject Contact
Jason Wirt Library/Media Specialist jasonw@corvallis.k12.mt.us


Name/Website Subject Contact
Joanne Cleveland Pre- Algebra/Algebra I Cohort, Geometry, Intermidate Algebra, and Algebra II joannec@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Amy Hammill Algebra II (M121), Pre-Calculus (M151), AP Calculus (M162) amyh@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Shunteal Jessop Math shuntealj@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Mark Sorenson Pre Calculus, Algebra & Applied Math marks@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Cory Soulliard Pre Algebra/Algebra I Cohort,Geometry, Geometry Support, Algebra II Support, and Probabliity & Linear Math (M115) corys@corvallis.k12.mt.us

Practical Arts

Name/Website Subject Contact
Neela Andres Agriculture Education neelaa@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Alyce Leonardi Business & Computer Technology alycel@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Garrett Middleton Industrial Technology garrettm@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Isaiah Nelson Industrial Technology isaiahn@corvallis.k12.mt.us


Name/Website Subject Contact
Tracy Dickerson Anatomy, Biology & Ecology tracyd@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Brock Hammill Chemistry, Physics & Computer Programming brockh@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Jeff Kaiser Biology jeffk@corvallis.k12.mt.us

Social Studies

Name/Website Subject Contact
Phil Leonardi AP Government, PAD phill@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Joel Loran AP US History, US History & Economics joell@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Lynn Mason Geography, World History & Drivers Education lynnm@corvallis.k12.mt.us

Title 1

Name/Website Subject Contact
Tina Moore Title 1 tinam@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Clayton Curley Academic Support claytonc@corvallis.k12.mt.us

Special Education

Name/Website Subject Contact
Colleen Buhler Special Education colleenb@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Laura Carrasco Special Education laurac@corvallis.k12.mt.us
Timothy Blanchfield Para Professional timothyb@corvallis.k12.mt.us